Here are a few commonly asked questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions by our cafe owners, managers, and business brokers. Let us know if there is a particular question that isn’t listed here that you need to know.

What is different about the

Well – because we only list cafes users are not required to filter out other business types before they commence a search.

Our filter search criteria place an emphasis on searching for specific criteria relevant only to cafes. If the buyer has very specific criteria in mind for a prospective business the business opportunities currently available for such criteria will be returned in just a few clicks.

The website provides functionality to simply search for a cafe for sale by allowing the user to view only those businesses that are based on criteria that are relevant to your needs. 

Listing only businesses in a specific market allows the ability to offer specific search criteria related only to the cafe industry. If you seek business with a liquor license or a business under management, we will return only those businesses that suit that selected criteria – so you know you will only be seeing a list of relevant Cafes. To then view a business, it’s simply one more click to see further information.

How does integrate with Social Media platforms? integrates with social media applications such as Facebook and LinkedIn by automatically uploading new listings to those applications. As a potential Cafe buyer, you only need to follow on Facebook or LinkedIn to obtain real-time listings for Cafes in Australia.

I operate a business that supplies goods or services to the Cafe industry. Can I advertise my business on

Yes of course! reserves prime space on the landing page for business advertisers. We can assist you with designing an advertisement that can be incorporated into and displayed on certain landing pages for your required duration.

How can promote me or my business if I am a Business Broker? goes that extra mile by providing Australian business brokers the ability to upload, modify, duplicate, and cancel their listings directly via “Executive Access” (EA) to the portal.  

EA provides additional functionality to business brokers by allowing their specific listings to be integrated with their Facebook and LinkedIn business pages, thereby offering real-time listing feeds to their followers.  

The ability to create a Custom Business Broker Profile is also available. Business brokers are able to upload their profile text, photo, company logo, as well as links to their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Users landing on business brokers’ listings will be provided the opportunity to view the profile of the business broker to learn more about the broker. Greater exposure = more enquires and more sales!

Where business brokers have more than one listing with, their alternate listings will also be displayed to entice buyers to spend longer on their listing page.

I am a private seller, how can benefit me?

There are numerous websites currently listing thousands of businesses for sale across an extensive range of vertical markets. 

Searching through large numbers of listings by attempting to filter out unwanted business types can be time-consuming for buyers. “Filtered” searches can still return premium listings in non-relevant business categories. In this instance, the buyer is ‘forced’ to scroll past these irrelevant listings before gaining access to the relevant listings.

We believe potential buyers will save valuable time by using vertical market-specific websites like This means more views for your listing, and more time spent to fully inspect your business. also offers private sellers the ability to upload their listing to the “ and LinkedIn pages to immediately attract discerning buyers with a real-time listing of your business.

I would like to list my business but I am not tech savvy. Is listing a business difficult or time consuming?

No – not at all.

Cafeforsale has been designed with simplicity in mind. It is a simple matter of completing pre-defined fields in the listing form, clicking the relevant checkboxes to identify relevant search criteria, and uploading your photos. The form will allow you to see what the listing will look like before we move to the payment phase.

Is making a payment on the website secure?

Yes, it is! accepts payments via the secure payment gateway provided by Stripe.

I am a Business Broker and work for a Business Broking firm. Can I link my business listings with your website?

Yes of course! receives regular updates from multiple business broking firms for business listings via XML feeds. Having your business listings appear on is as simple as asking your management team to create an account with your preferred XML provider, and, and we will take care of the rest. Cafe for sale currently receives XML feeds from Agentpoint.

Why choose

Cafes For Sale?

Cost Effective

Getting your listing online and live, ready for a buyer is cheaper than you think. Our packages are for individual listings, brokers who have multiple listings, or brokers that are part of a larger company. Have a look at our pricing options.

Get Noticed

We take care of your marketing, on multiple platforms, and social media, so you can concentrate on other things. We take care in not promoting our website on unwanted directories and

Cost Effective

Getting your listing online and live, ready for a buyer is cheaper than you think. Our packages are for individual listings, brokers who have multiple listings, or brokers that are part of a larger company. Have a look at our pricing options.